Urban Scholars Union Scholarship Program

The Urban Scholars Union (USU) is a group of formerly incarcerated students at City College who
reach out to other formerly incarcerated students as well as justice impacted students. USU helps them get
through barriers that stand in their way, on and off campus, so that they may be able to
complete their studies with excitement.


  • Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 units for the Fall
    *Students must have completed 6 units
    *Student must pose a direct need
    *Applicants must have the endorsement of 3 references (2 SDCC Faculty or staff and 1 community member)

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please enter the name & location of the High school you attended
  2. Number of years of residency in San Diego, Ca
  3. Name & address of parent(s) or legal guardian(s) if under 18 years of age:
  4. Describe how you were impacted directly by the justice system. Describe any barriers that you had to face and the ways that you overcame them (Remember we are a group of formerly incarcerated students and know what it is like)?
  5. Please write a letter to USU explaining why you should be given this scholarship
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