Van Kirk and Cole Scholarship

The Van Kirk and Cole Scholarship recognizes students who are active members of Psi Beta and Psychology Club. Students considered for this award have demonstrated a passion for the field of psychology, a commitment to their chapter of Psi Beta, and excellence in leadership, research, and community service. This scholarship was started by alumni members of the Psi Beta San Diego Mesa and City College chapters. While we are now in graduate school or working professionals, we still remember sitting in the same chairs as you and understand the path you are on. To support you and your journey we are offering this scholarship in honor of Professor Jaye Van Kirk and Professor Kristen Cole who were advisors that helped us get to where we are today. We are looking for applicants who are active in the chapter, including officers, non-officers, chairs, Psi Beta members, and members of Psychology Club. We understand that sometimes students join the chapter later than others and might not have the opportunity to have an officer role, or might not be able to join Psi Beta because of their GPA or ability to pay for membership. Really we are looking for students who attend chapter meetings and are actively involved. Involvement will look very different for each student, we look forward to reading about yours.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please attach your CV/resume
  2. Upload your verification of chapter involvement letter by a current Psi Beta advisor
  3. Please describe your involvement in the chapter of Psi Beta including (if applicable) leadership roles, community work, events, field trips, workshops, etc. What has this involvement meant to you? What are your plans after graduation? How would this scholarship help you? If you are a member of Psychology Club please share with us why you are unable to join Psi Beta.