Diana Gonzalez Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created to honor Diana Gonzalez, a Chicana/LatinX who tragically lost her life on campus in 2010 at the age of nineteen. First priority candidates are women who have the greatest emotional and financial challenges as they gain the work skills necessary to support themselves and/or their families. While our funds target women who are single parents, who need financial assistance to achieve an education and to develop skills for their future, this does not preclude other genders from applying.

• Completed 6 or more units at San Diego City College
• Currently enrolled or having completed 1 Chicano Studies course at City College (add which semester and which class)
• Currently enrolled in 9 or more units
GPA 2.5 above

If there is no funding or there are no qualified applicants that reflect this format the scholarship will not be awarded for that year.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you currently enrolled or have completed a Chicano Studies Course at San Diego City College?
  2. If you have taken a Chicano Studies course at San Diego City College which semester did you take the course, what as the name of the course, and who was your instructor?
  3. Describe the most significant challenge you have faced and the steps you have taken to overcome the challenge?
  4. What has been your experience or how have you been impacted by having taken or currently being enrolled in a Chicano Studies course?