Biology - Robert L. Strecker

Bob Strecker came to San Diego City College in 1967 after teaching zoology at Miami University (Ohio). At City, he was the resident zoologist, but taught a variety of courses and cofounded the Life Science Department’s highly-valued tradition of team teaching. He retired in 1987 to be with his children and grandchildren in Massachusetts.
Bob was a born scientist (the natural world fascinated him) and his invitation to write an article for Scientific American was an accomplishment unequaled by any other San Diego Community College District professor of his era. He was also a natural teacher. He shared his passion for science with his students and interacted with them in his easy-going, supportive manner, using language appropriate to their educational level. Bob also influenced the professional development of his younger colleagues as a mentor and friend. Many of those lessons have been passed down through the decades to the current Biology faculty, where his impact is still felt.
In addition to teaching, Bob loved poetry, the arts, gardening, children, and sampling food off his peers’ plates. And, he was a man of peace. He was known by many students and faculty alike as “Uncle Bob,” a moniker he wore with pride and good humor. He passed away in 2015 and his loss is felt deeply by those who knew him.
The scholarship will be awarded to Biology majors who manifest Bob’s qualities of classroom excellence and inquisitiveness about the natural world.


• Must be enrolled at City College in Fall and Spring semesters of the current academic year.
• Overall 3.00 GPA or higher
• Combined Chemistry and Biology GPA 3.00 or higher.
• Must have completed at least 12 units at City College
• Must have completed a minimum of 8 units from the following courses at City College: BIOL 210A, BIOL 210B, CHEM 152, and 152L.
• Must demonstrate an interest in scientific inquiry
• Must provide a current e-Grades printout that includes Fall semester grades.
• The Life Sciences Department welcomes all eligible students to apply for the Strecker and Roach Biology scholarships, but applicants are limited to a maximum of one award. Previous recipients are ineligible.

If there is no funding or there are no qualified applicants that reflect this format the scholarship will not be awarded for that year.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your major at City College?
  2. Please list all Biology courses that you have completed. For each course, include the term, the campus where you completed the course, and the instructor’s name.
  3. Please list all Chemistry courses you’ve completed. For each course, include the term, the campus where you completed the course, and the instructor’s name.
  4. Please describe an experience that sparked your interest in the natural sciences and why it had an impact on you. Your experience can be from childhood, a college course, or even a walk in the park.
  5. What are you educational goals at City College and your career aspirations.
  6. How will the Robert L. Strecker scholarship aid in your achievement of these goals? Please elaborate on specific personal/financial needs.
  7. Upload your unofficial transcript. Please be sure to upload the "Unofficial Transcript by Term" and include the most recent semester.
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