GloV Scholarship Fund

This scholarship in in honor of Delia “Gloria” Vasquez, an educator and graduate of San Diego City College. As a teacher, Gloria helped hundreds of her students explore new horizons and reach their potential in life. With this exploration, new seeds of possibilities were planted, resulting in many of her students pursuing and completing their college education.
There were many challenges for Gloria in her pursuit of becoming an educator. Not the least of which was that as an adult, Gloria only possessed a ninth grade education. Growing up poor, with neither a mother nor father to support her, education was not a priority. Education took a back seat to helping put food on the table for her family.
Many years later after raising her own family, Gloria decided to pursue her calling of becoming a teacher. In doing so, Gloria became a successful by product of the San Diego college system. She started at San Diego City College where she received her Associate of Arts degree in the late 1970s. Soon afterwards, Gloria enrolled and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from San Diego State University. She parlayed her education degree into a career fulfilling more than 30 years as a primary school teacher for the San Diego Unified School District. It was also during this time Gloria continued her educational knowledge by receiving a Master of Arts degree from Alliant International University in San Diego (formerly known as United States International University).
One of Gloria’s greatest strengths as a teacher was her desire and commitment to actively expose her students to various adventures and experiences outside their normal settings. She accomplished this by utilizing her own resources and time to hold various extracurricular activities. Her students enjoyed several BBQ outings at Gloria’s home, camping trips to the local mountains, and watching (and tailgating at) San Diego Padres games, just to name a few. These outside activities help raise her students’ awareness about the endless possibilities beyond their home environment.
To continue with this commitment, and to honor Gloria’s lifetime accomplishments as an educator, this scholarship has been established with the primary goal of helping motivated individuals seek and explore new adventures as college students.

If there is no funding or there are no qualified applicants that reflect this format the scholarship will not be awarded for that year.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Provide your personal history, share your academic and educational goals.
  2. How will this scholarship help you?
  3. Please list one instructor references from San Diego City College (reference 1)
  4. Please list one instructor references from San Diego City College (reference 2)