Archaeology - Dr. Susan M. Hector Scholarship

The San Diego City College anthropology department’s archaeology program has given new and returning students the opportunity to engage in a profession that contributes knowledge about changes in human culture and behavior over time and across locations. The profession of archaeology requires persistence and commitment to many years of study. Many of the students who have participated in the archaeology program at San Diego City College have gone on to four-year universities and graduate schools. Many members of San Diego’s archaeological community got their start in this program. The goal of this scholarship is to encourage City College students to continue their studies in the field of archaeology. Students who have committed to the profession of archaeologist by completing the required classes with a high grade point average are encouraged to apply for these funds.

Dr. Susan M. Hector has a long involvement with the archaeology program at City College, starting in the early 1990s when she set up a contract with the school to provide an archaeology field class at a county park. At the time, she was the archaeologist with the County’s Department of Parks and Recreation. She taught as an adjunct instructor, and continued to support the partnership between the County and the college.


  • Must be enrolled at City College in the Fall and Spring of the current academic year
  • 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Must be declared Anthropology major
  • Must have completed and/or be enrolled in Anthro 115 and Anthro 120
  • Completed three classes toward the Certificate of Performance in Archaeology with a grade of ‘B’ or higher

If there is no funding or there are no qualified applicants that reflect this format the scholarship will not be awarded for that year.

Supplemental Questions
  1. I meet the Anthropology unit requirements for this scholarship
  2. If NO, I meet the Certificate of Performance requirements for this scholarship.
  3. Provide names and email addresses for two Letters of Reference from a college faculty or staff.
    • 1. Name and Email Address
    • 2. Name and Email Address
  4. What is your purpose in becoming an archaeologist? Include any special interests and academic goals you may have. (1,000 word max)
  5. Add reference letters